General Information

Welcome to the Online Study-Choice Assistant for the program M.Sc. Environmental Governance (MEG) at the University of Freiburg


The OSA takes about 60-90 minutes to complete. Your progress on the test will be saved by your browser in a cookie, so you can complete the test over the course of several sessions (unless your browser is set to automatically delete cookies or you delete them manually).


Certificate of Completion

It is necessary to complete the first four modules (Degree Program, People, Studying and Sample Problems) to receive  overall result and a certificate of completion.


Additional Modules

The Career Prospects module provides a summary of potential career paths you can pursue in this field of study. University & City (German only) offers insight into the university, Freiburg, and the region.



Your performance on the OSA has no influence at all on the success of your application to the University of Freiburg.


You can visit our website without telling us who you are.


Find out whether MEG meets your interests and expectations!

Note your open questions and next steps in this PDF. This way, you save your thoughts concering your study choice that came to your mind when working through this OSA.