Self Assessment Interests

Students who have chosen a subject start their studies with certain vocational and academic interests.

!Please note: This element is part of the former Forest Sciences OSA and thus only valid for the elective line “International Forestry” (IF) of the M.Sc. Forest Sciences!

The Forest Sciences elective line is a multi-disciplinary course. It gives you insight in a diverse range of academic fields. Some of them will be closely related to your former study field, others will be entirely new for you.

In any case, some vocational and academic interests fit the Forest Sciences elective line better than others. Here you can check how well your interests correspond with the Forest Sciences elective line.

How does it work?

Below is a list of 12 interests that more or less go well with studying Forest Sciences. Please indicate how helpful you think the following interests are for successfully studying the Forest Sciences elective line.