REM @UniFreiburg

The program provides international students with first-class training in the field of Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (REM).

This Online Study-Choice Assistant gives you some basic information about the M.Sc. program REM at the University of Freiburg.

It provides you with preliminary insight as to what to expect from REM and tells you whether your academic and vocational interests fit the program well.

In this module, you also get to know some of the current REM students. In short video statements, these students will talk about things such as what they think about the REM program, what advice they would give beginning students and what they plan to do after studying REM.

What is M.Sc. REM all about?

Renewable energy sources will be without doubt one of the greatest issues facing our society in the future. Our aim is to provide international students first-class context-sensitive training in the field of “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management”. The M.Sc. REM program is designed to close the strategic gap between the technical aspects of renewable energy and the vision of sustainable development.

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Herderbau: Departement of REM