Sample Problems Overview

Renewable energy supply is a central pillar of sustainable development. Renewable energy technologies are constantly being improved and their efficiency, material requirements, and costs are changing rapidly.

The technological, economic, and social aspects of renewable energy technologies are closely linked to each other, and the success of the coming energy technology revolution depends not least on the ability of engineers, policy makers, and planners to understand the links between the different aspects and to apply this understanding in their daily work.
The MSc REM is a dedicated interdisciplinary degree program designed to educate students in both: the main renewable energy technologies and the management, assessment, and planning of renewable energy installations.

Consequently, the MSc REM integrates education on renewable energy engineering and education on the management and planning of renewable energy installations.

The following exercises will give you insight into the content of the REM program and help you to find out whether it fits your interests. You can go through the different exercises in any order, but all have to be completed.

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