Sample Problems – Renewables

The use of renewable energy to satisfy the high energy demands of our civilization is receiving more and more attention from governments all around the world.

Reasons for this change are the decrease of fossil energy resources, accompanied by an expected increasing energy demand and increasing climatic problems, which cause economic and social concerns. Both developing and industrialized countries will have to find solutions to these key problems in the future.

A good overview on technological possibilities, governmental policies, environmental and social restrictions, and resource availabilities is necessary to manage the energy supply with renewable resources. Most promising technologies still have drawbacks concerning restrictions in the continuity of the energy supply, energy transport or storage possibilities, energy production efficiency, or raw material availability. An efficient mix of e.g. wind energy, solar energy, and energy from biomass is necessary to allow a continuous large-scale supply of renewable energy.


The MSc REM is the first degree program worldwide designed to train students to take on this demanding and important task. It includes a wide selection of interdependent modules that teach basic and advanced skills in natural, technical, social and economic sciences with the goal of giving students a profound overview of possibilities for supplying renewable energy and allowing them to integrate this knowledge into social and economic backgrounds.