It all depends on the technology! If you want to build the greatest things with the smallest particles in Freiburg, the campus near the airport is the right place. How do you get there?

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The tram stop at the doorstep

In Freiburg, riding a bicycle is a common value. But you can also quickly get to the campus by tram.

When you enter the campus, there is one thing that immediately catches your eye: the name explains it all, since it is called “Jump and Twist”, the artwork of American Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011) in front of and inside the main building with the number 101.

Jump and Twist

The meaning of the unusual title is revealed upon entering the building. There, the “insect” that „jumped off“ outside turns on its own axis with the help of a motor.

Building 101 also houses the library. Susanne Hauser is passionate about running it.

Susanne Hauser

Ms. Hauser, why do engineering students need a library with books?

From the library containing a lot of glass, the rest of the campus can be observed.

The Green Campus

Especially in summer, the green campus of the Faculty of Engineering is a place to relax. There are plenty of sunny and shady spots on the meadow for a short lunch break or for joint scientific discussions between lectures.

The blue buildings house the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK). 24 professors have their office there.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz

Mr. Stieglitz, how do you arouse enthusiasm for research among students?

Engineering students already have to complete a practical course in the second semester in the so-called cleanroom, which is located in building 104.

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The Cleanroom

The yellow light in the cleanroom prevents unwanted exposure of photoresists during the production of microsystems. It may only be entered in a full body suit, as the air should contain as few dust particles as possible.

On the other hand, you can also repair your bicycle in the fresh air, if it does not run properly. At the bicycle parking lots right behind the Department of Computer Science (IFF), you will find the red bicycle station.

The Bicycle Station

The station offers various tools and an air pump and also serves as a work stand. It was donated by the Alumni Freiburg association, which makes it possible to maintain contact between former members of the university.

In the world of computer science, the phenomenon of “Easter Eggs” is cultivated. A hidden peculiarity, usually in computer programs. A special feature is also hidden on campus.

The Barcode

On the campus, there is a barcode which, after deciphering, leads to the word “Albert”, the first part of the name of the University of Freiburg, „Albert-Ludwigs-Universität“.

The student workshop is also located in building 051 of the Computer Science Department. Here you can find a soldering iron and lots of other tools for your private projects. You only need to have a knack for it and an idea.

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The Workshop

The 3D printer opens up endless creative possibilities. You can create even the most intricate and small parts with precision.

Research takes place on a much larger scale in the northwest of the campus.

The Hangar

The hall with the red and white checkered gate is nowadays filled with projects that require a lot of space.

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl was initially interested in studying at an art college. It was not his cup of tea, so he took a scientific direction. Nevertheless, he remained creative.

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl

Mr. Diehl, can engineering studies be creative?

A lot of creativity makes one very hungry. On the forecourt of the Faculty of Engineering, various food trucks stop several times a week.

The Foodtruck & The Mensa

Here you can get everything, from burritos to pizza, that your street food heart desires. The good and also cheap variety is available in the cafeteria.

The Solar Info Center with the Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH) is located again at the front of the campus on the opposite side of Madisonallee.

Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich

Ms. Weidlich, should students learn for university or for life?

We researching solutions for the future.

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