Is “Liberal Arts and Sciences” (LAS) the right Bachelor program for me?

Find it out with the Online Study-Choice Assistant (OSA) for the LAS degree program at the University of Freiburg!

We invite you to get to know the Bachelor’s program Liberal Arts and Sciences, its features, contents, staff and students, and to check if LAS fits your expectations.

In the module “People” includes video interviews with LAS students and staff. Under “Studying”, you can learn more about a typical day at UCF and common study situations. The module “Prospects” provides examples and ideas on academic and professional options after LAS.

Your OSA processing status is stored in your browser, meaning you can edit the OSA over multiple sessions (as long as the local memory is not cleared manually). Completing the OSA will take about 60 to 90 minutes.


Certificate of Completion

For enrollment at the University of Freiburg, you must provide proof of having completed a study-orientation test. The OSA questions under “Test Questions” and “Studying” are such a test. You have to complete these modules to receive your certificate of completion.



Your OSA answers and results have no influence on the success of your application to the University of Freiburg. You can take the OSA anonymously.

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